Fighting to End Slavery in the United States of America!

Help End Slavery in the United States!

99.9% of Americans do not know the issues that bans “basic human God given rights”. Dale Jeffries a combat veteran of the United States have used them words before, and the media has been using his words for their agenda in the last 12 years since he said them. If you are Truly an American and believe Soldiers who died to protect “these basic God given rights” for you, than please help expose the truth about slavery still going on in America. Dale Jeffries Soldiers who died in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in 2008 should not die in vain for Americans to misuse his “basic God given rights” message.

Presidents have been taking credit for killing terrorists for many generations when the truth to the matter is “they do very little”. “A lot of times the terrorists are killed before the president even knows we took out another terrorist” a combat veteran told in a interview last week. Trey is a combat veteran who wants to stay anonymous, because he feels his “basic God given rights” would be “twisted by fake news” reporters who do not give enough credit to soldiers who actually did the killing to take out terrorists, and he feels Trump Supporters would hate on him for bringing this issue up again.

“Basic God given rights” reporters have stolen from a veteran who fought in a war to protect Americans to have these freedoms. Dale Jeffries is not charging anyone for plagiarism and has responded to he only wants Americans to start paying attention to these important issues when the media uses combat veterans words, because Jeffries had suffered and sacrificed 4 years of his life in Federal Prison when he had used these words. “Basic God given rights true meanings has not changed”, he said. He went on to say, “Americans need to report why I used the words to be gain with” to in 2009.

Dale Jeffries tried to tell Americans in 2010 your rights to Freedom of Speech is the number one issue in America that need to be fixed to end slavery, and today 10 years later in 2020 politicians are ignoring the 1st Amendment our Founding Fathers creates “first before the 2nd Amendment”. The last two times Dale Jeffries tried to speak up to tell Americans the truth about our Freedoms he was arrested and locked away by our Federal Government, because they do not want you to know the truth to his facts and cases. Here at we are exposing the truth, because Dale Jeffries soldiers gave their life for Americans to be free.

Every time Dale Jeffries speaks out the FBI show up at his door to arrest him, so do not be surprised if you hear in the AP (News) again as this story breaks today. If you support Combat Veterans who fought to defend freedoms for the “interest in justice for all”, than please share and and retweet on Twitter. No matter anyone’s Party, we need to be united to be the voice of veterans when politicians are failing to hear our combat veterans who bleed blood for all of us. We can not let Dale Jeffries or his Soldiers that gave their life for these Freedoms to go unnoticed.

Can you believe yourself not a single politicians has responded on what they are going to do to fix Freedoms that ban “basic human God given rights” that make all Americans a slave? In the next following weeks sensitive court records and documents will be uploaded to to help Americans discover and understand the truth. The Federal Courts will try and censor. Please help spread the message, so we can force the governments hand to pay attention to our combat veterans who fought for us and politicians. Soldiers was here for us, so we will be here for them to demand answers to freedoms banned causing slavery to exist in the United States of America. Help us end slavery! We demand answers to what politicians are doing to fix freedoms! And we demand what politicians are doing to help combat Veteran Dale Jeffries! Why is combat veterans voices not being heard today?

“The One And Only”. Jonathan Strock (Retired Army Combat Veteran)

Reporter for

Dale Jeffries said to me, “I am only alive because my soldiers sacrificed their life for me, so I have to carry on the fight for freedom in memory of them. I wanted to die in the war and I wanted to take my own life after the war, but I was told I would loss the war if I gave up. Please help me win the war for my veterans who left me alive to defend Freedoms”.

Watch Video, so you will know what questions to ask your representatives in Congress and the US Senate. Please share and demand these questions for the love you have for your Combat Veterans who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Please do not let these questions go unanswered, because soldiers who died in these wars would die in vain if we do not defend freedoms for those who gave their life for these “basic God given rights” veterans died for us to have.

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