Politicians Using Social Media for Professional Jobs

Should Politicians be using social media for professional job for “we the people” when they are not responding to veterans asking for help?

I’m actually starting to believe politicians should not be using twitter for a professional job since I can not even ask them a professional question to help me for the public service we hire them to do for us! Really, I believe a government platform needs to be used to be fair!

‪President Trump, if I threaten to kill you will you pardon me? I am not making threats! I am trying to inform you I am already a slave to your unjust legal system, and I am asking you to set me free? I am asking as a combat veteran to please free me? Love and forgiveness for all!‬ no matter what I say politicians do nothing just ask Trump is blaming democrats for doing nothing. Trump truly does not care or he would fix these important issues my soldiers died for on the battle field!

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