To Active Duty Veterans.

I really hate to say this but it’s the truth. No more soldiers should die for nothing anymore. Politicians do not care about veterans at all unless it benefits their agenda. Just goto and see for yourself! Not a single politician in America has answered important questions from combat veterans who served our county! Not a single politician are listening to veterans when they leave Service. We was the ones who watched our soldiers die and not a single politician give us a voice at all to express our facts we know about laws we took oath to defend. I’m very sad today and have even thought about suicide as passing thoughts from deep dark pain where I took oath to defend our great constitution and even after the Army Combat life I still find myself trying to better our laws on freedoms you defend too! I’m so sad right now I can’t even breath from tears running down my face. The only voice you may have is with veterans, and families who are loyal to us. Defending us from being taken as slaves is all that matter right now for you, but just know when you get out of the Military you will be a slave. Americans will remain slaves until our politicians fix laws that bans rights to a fair trail to be heard. We truly do not have a voice in America.

I also wrote about people who are all about themself and no one else, and it’s sad we find ourselves after Military life fighting wars to fit in where people will listen. If anything I Hope this post prepares you to what’s coming after your service, and hopefully I can make a difference to bring awareness to fix these issues before you come home to civil life. Just Incase, please remind America’s about my case and cause Incase I do die, because I want them to know how I feel. Tell them I said, don’t worry about your human rights or defend our constitution anymore. It just goes to show that everyone supports ownership of slaves! If my work is not finished before I die; I will take no comfort to know anyone of you would lift a finger to defend your children and my children in the future. Slavery will continue, and no one cares! If you do care prove me wrong: I do not feel comfort that anyone gives a God D*mn about anyone else but themself anymore anyways. When I do die just know all the time and effort was for your children too, and I didn’t have to care either, but I did up until the very last fu*king breath! #humanrights #slavery #children #Veterans  #cares

Incase I do die? Thank You for continuing my work to defend freedom and change laws for all Americans to get a fair trail. “OneParty, United We Stand” Please remember when you go into battle, you go together and not alone. My honor and love goes out to all of you who served our great country. If we do not fix these laws soon we will not have a county to defend, because we can’t fight the world and our people we have in slavery too. Someone must carry on my work, because it’s in the “interests in justice”.

Yours Truly,

Dale Jeffries

If politicians cared about veterans who took oath to defend our constitution of the United States, than they would answer these questions in the video.

If politicians cared about veterans who took oath to defend our constitution of the United States, than they would answer these questions in Combat Veterans video.

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